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Hello and Welcome to the 5th Annual Dale F Kilwein Memorial Run/Walk/Bike in Dickinson, North Dakota!! We are very excited for the event again this year! 

This event is in memory of my dad, Dale Kilwein. He left a big impact on this community and my family and I decided to share his passions with all of you!


The race route is 3/4 trail (on the Crooked Crane Trail) and 1/4 road. Its going to be beautiful!  We hope that you join in the fun whether you run or walk the half relay, half marathon, hit up the bike race or bring your kids out for the kids race!


Lets make this an event to remember...And don't forget to find some fun hunting gear or camo for the day!  We want to make this a memorable event for all!


This ones for you Dad! 



See you all at the start line!


Crystal Jahner


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